Featured Vendors January-March: 2021

Featured Vendors January-March: 2021

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  • 9zero brand LLC

    9zero brand is a turnkey retail environment solutions partner for top retailers and display manufacturers. 9zero has the uncanny ability to enable retailers with a commercial environment that gives customers a reason to visit and purchase again and again. 9zero takes care of the mundane: FF&E Installations, wallpaper installation and removal, millwork, light construction, remodeling, graphics design, production and installation, marketing, and project management. 9zero brand has emerged as the go to partner for retail environment renovation because of their unique characteristics that include flexibility, speed to action, honesty, and complete openness and transparency

    I want them to feel they are part of the company. Not just working for the company

    Perry Prichard, President & CEO

    Frontenac, MN
  • Assemble

    Offers retail business software solutions, web apps, engineering best practices and new tech focused on building technology-driven experiences and improving customer experiences

    We help clients break out of templates and create rich, interactive, engaging content that will perform better across a variety of metrics such as return on investment, spend conversion rates, time on page while decreasing bounce rate

    Jeremy Norberg, President

    Seattle, WA
  • Creator by Zmags

    Empowers organizations to embark on their digital transformation journey through their innovative Creator platform

    Our dream is to facilitate endto-end commerce within the Cannabis space

    Justin McCoubry, VP Marketing; Zack Torman, Chief Revenue Officer; David Powell, Chief Executive Officer; Cait Porte, SVP, Product & Customer Experience and Ryan Breen, Chief Technology Officer

    Boston, MA
  • Fusion

    Fusion provides clear business direction through research, analytics, and creative insights.As an integrated B2B marketing agency specializing in the supply side of the retail chain, Fusion works with suppliers and vendors that go to retail, providing them with the tools and ammunition required to build their sales and distribution process. With a focus on the fresh produce and grocery retail environment, Fusion offers its customers the highest level of support through research, innovative solutions, analytical insights, and creative execution

    Steven Muro, Founder and President

    Simi Valley, CA
  • Treez

    Treez is a leading enterprise cloud platform that streamlines retail supply chain operations within the cannabis market. Delivered through a SaaS model, Treez provides the robust breadth and depth of software solutions required to operate a successful modern dispensary. In volume of transactions, Treez is the market-leading software used by dispensaries in California, with expansion underway into new markets nationwide.

    John Yang, CEO

    San Francisco, CA