Featured Vendors April-July: 2022

Featured Vendors April-July: 2022

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    DIVISA offers end-to-end marketing technology solutions and the digital business insights necessary to help fashion brands gain greater digital presence and market share.. As a premier digital growth agency, providing strategic, advisory, and management consulting for fashion, beauty, and luxury industries (B2B and B2C)—DIVISA—offers end-to-end robust marketing technology solutions. The company is a valuable partner for fashion startups, brick-and-mortar and online brands, enterprise-level corporations, and international brands looking to establish and grow themselves as the U.S.-based brand by developing and deploying sound business strategies. DIVISA understands the unique challenges of the emerging fashion companies, including logistics management, inventory management, and order fulfillment, and helps them mitigate those by managing and executing highly sophisticated and interconnected online marketing strategies

    Our aim is to help emerging fashion brands overcome entry barriers to the U.S. market and equip them with the right tools, mindset, team, and leadership

    Dieter Hsiao, CEO & Co-founder

    Los Angeles, CA
  • Ecrebo

    Ecrebo’s Total Receipt Marketing solution intercepts the data relayed to the printer and sends it to the company’s cloud-based decision engine. There, the receipt content, which typically includes a way to identify the specific customer, is analyzed to determine if it triggers the addition of an offer to the receipt. (For example, the trigger might be, “this customer never buys shoes at our department store; so, issue her a great deal on a pair of shoes.”) The offer’s creative—including parameters such as its value and expiration date—is uploaded to Ecrebo’s cloud by retail marketing teams employing OnPoint Manager campaign portal. If the receipt triggers an offer, the new receipt, along with the offer, is sent back down to the printer

    Will Gardenswartz, CMO

    Reading, United Kingdom